Dilip MMS's Online Medicine Course



  • Over 250+ hours of comprehensive lectures (schedule based) with lots of brilliant images and with the best possible explanations (in a very unique way!) anyone can come across! Lectures has been designed for imparting a complete knowledge to the student in a supreme way! Care has been taken at each step to make sure a student ‘feels’ the subject rather than just learning! Download the app for detailed schedule and timing of the lectures.
  • 60+ hours of MMS Xpress (fast revision) for those who need quick learning ! (absolutely free with the pack). Best utilised after comprehensive learning programme and will be designed to contain ultimate power-packed information. MMS Xpress will be available as per the schedule mentioned in the app!
  • Updated and powerful qbank for self-assessment. Qbank has been designed meticulously to reflect the latest pattern of questions
  • 200+ IBQ’s video discussion separately near the exams
  • 2 video based T&D paper discussion separately – each consisting of 200 questions near the exams for the best possible orientation to approach a question in exam
  • Hand written notes of each and every topic will be available in the app
  • Free (Dr. Dilip’s MMS) exclusive whatsapp group for doubt clearing and support will be extended through telegram group, fb page and fb group as well. You will be added to the exclusive subscribers’ whatsapp group within 24-48 hours of subscription
  • More features are being planned which will be available under the same pack for free if you subscribe early!
  • 24x7 support team to address any issue in case!

Additional Information

Questions of each topic will be released along with the video chapters of that particular topic.